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What’s included:

Reactions Pro

You probably don’t have 6 hours everyday to follow, like, comment, and react to the stories of all your potential followers. That’s why Reactions Pro does it for you, as well as sending welcome DMs to new followers.

It multiplies your daily visibility within the target audience by more than a thousand, helping you get high quality engagement to create a loyal community of real, organic followers that actually interact with you, boosting your algorithm while saving you tons of hours of work.


Because you might want something simpler or to set different audiences for each interaction you can do each module independantly.

PS: it does not include mass story viewing and reactions (35,000 daily), comments and you cannot use the modules at the same time.

Repost Pro

Because you could only profit from having literally the highest-rated content on all of IG reposted on your profile, such as reels, photos, videos, stories, with automatic facebook sharing, this is one of our most recommended tools.

Repost Pro is the solution to posting creative, engaging, and pre-tested content on your profile, every single day, without spending any time. It’s meant to be viral.

You can even create and monetize thematic accounts.


Management 360

An all-in-one system for you and your team to manage and grow any IG account.

Fully managing 1-10 accounts from a computer is way easier, that’s why we have all the same features from the app on our system, plus scheduling, advanced insights for posts, analytics for accounts, and more, so you can do it all in one single place.

Profile Management

Get all the features from the app on desktop for all your accounts, from edit bio and profile, share on facebook, delete, post, sending DMs, plus Followers Track to see who’s not following you back and unfollow them.

Leads Finder

People and businesses share a lot about themselves on IG, making this a great solution to finding tons of potential clients for you in only a few clicks.

It’s all public data, you’re just filtering, and exporting in bulk all the useful data it would take you months to collect manually.

Scrape the username, link to profile, ID, website link, business category, city, followers count, bio, phones, and emails of targeted accounts.

Growth Automation

Reactions Pro

Target by followers or likers of your competitors or other similar accounts, as well as specific hashtags, locations, and language filters, so you get organic, segmented followers with real engagement.

Check out the following tabs to see all the interactions you can create with this audience. Repost Pro allows you to set different types of massive interactions in one go.

Interact with over 35,000 stories every day to expand your reach within your targeted audience, attracting thousands of people to your profile.

It’s a natural activity that nurtures your algorythm, while saving you 5-6 hours a day.


Interact with likes, comments, follows, unfollows & DMs within your target audience to get tons of exposure and create a loyal community with real engagement.

We use spintax for the comments and DMs, which allows you to create different messages with one simple structure, so it all looks completely human. It takes you minutes to set it, and saves you hours of work for months.

Accelerators are about 10 accounts we link to yours inside our system, to maximize the speed, safety and general performance of the tool, getting you the best results.

Smart & Safe

We guarantee the safety of your account thanks to our iOS and android device emulation. This, plus our 4g mobile proxies with a $80 dollar market value, completely free with your subscription, means your account will never get banned as long as you stay within the limits.


This is an indepent module, so it’s the same as the one in Reactions Pro except you set the target audience for this specific tool.

You set everything, from the people you follow to the amount of time before you unfollow them, or you can unfollow only those who didn’t follow you back, create whitelists, and more. With our account management tool, you can also do follower tracking, to see who’s not following you back and unfollow them manually.

Like posts from a targetted audience and use the advanced options to even target the account by activity: number of posts, min/max followers, business/personal accounts, etc.

The comment module is only available within Repost Pro*.


You can automatically send DMs to welcome your new followers, making them feel extra special and thus increasing their loyalty.

Repost Pro

You can literally have the highest rated content on Instagram on your profile, and create thematic accounts that you can easily monetize, by reposting the photos, videos, and reels from selected accounts, hashtags and places, with the most interactions in all of IG. You select the sources, and Repost Pro chooses the best posts to automatically add to your profile and story.

Go to the filtration tab to see the advanced filters.

If you’re worrying about copyright, check out the auto caption tab.


To make sure you’re reposting only the greatest content on IG, you can filter the amount of comments, likes, plays, views and language.

You can set the captions to automatically mention the author, place, original hashtags, and captions, while adding your own, or create a completely new one.

Share to your IG story and facebook, and the reels on your self timeline feed.

Add stickers with hashtags, your account username, and more.

See the full tutorial here:

Leads Finder



Select the data you want to scrap.

Instagram Management 360

Manage hundreds of accounts in same place

without using your phone

Management 360

Schedule photos, videos, reels, stories, and albums by date, time, and account.

Source media from your pc, url, dropbox or drive

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